Talking to Sujatha Jha; yoga, exercise trainer & an acupressure therapist

We at O Womania think that there are too many women in the world who believe that their passion and careers need to be sacrificed for family.

If you are one of them and if you aren’t one of them, then we encourage you to watch this candid interview with a Real Powerful woman who has managed to have it all- passion, career, family and contentment!

OW: This is team O Womania talking to Powerful Real Women. I’m here with Sujata Jha. Hi Sujata!

SJ: Hi!

OW: Can you please introduce yourself?

SJ: My name is Sujata Jha. I am a yoga and exercise trainer, and an acupressure therapist. So I teach yoga to people.

OW: How long have you been doing this?

SJ: I have been in this field for the last forty years!

OW: Oh wow! And what kind of a journey has it been getting here?

SJ: It’s been a very very long journey! I was a part time lecturer in a college, I was teaching yoga as one of the subjects and after I got married I found that it got very difficult for me to look after the house and my children as well as my career which is my passion for fitness. Balancing would have been difficult so I started looking after my own gym.

OW: Which was much easier?

SJ: Yes which was much easier!

OW: Right. So the reason you shifted into a physical career (training) started because you wanted a work- life balance?

SJ: I wanted to balance both of them. The physical training as well as the looking after the house! 

OW: So this is an example of one person who has managed to follow both her passion and take care of her family. That’s great. Let me introduce you to O Womania.

We want to reinforce the forgotten reality that a man and a woman are equal in all respects. So we are here to propagate equal rights and opportunities for all. We strongly believe in the empowerment of women – such as yourself – because even the strongest women needs the right opportunities to fully use her strengths and follow her passion. 

Now coming to you Sujata, while you were preparing to follow your career, what are some of the biggest personal and/or professional challenges you faces?

SJ: Personal challenges- I would say it was a little difficult to look after my children along with my profession. But with the support of my husband, and the great Almighty, I was able to go through all of these challenges with some ease I would say. I could manage both (career and family life) and today my children are in their own fields, highly placed in life.

OW: And you would say that definitely has something to do with you being a working woman as well as being a mother?

SJ: Yes, because when you are working, I always wanted to be independent anyways, but when you are independent it reflects in your children. They will have respect for you, I feel personally.

OW: That’s an interesting point you bring up. Because many people we feel here in India are confused about whether they should either have a career or a family and the possibility of having both is simply not, seems like its not going to happen.

SJ: I wouldn’t agree with that. I would put it like this- you have to of course prioritize but at the same time you can balance it. But you definitely need the support of somebody, maybe your people at home, your husband or whoever. But you can try to do both of them together very well. You have to be very balanced in life- you have to organize well. That is also very important in life.

OW: Right, so coming to your previous point that it changes your children’s perspective. Would you say that it might be more of a benefit to be someone who is following your passions and taking care of children (at the same time) ?

SJ: Yes! Today, I am still working and my children have great regard and respect for me that at this age also I am still working and they also are then feeling that they too should be very hardworking in life.

OW: That is very interesting. So coming to the last question Sujata. Could you tell is one thing about yourself that you feel has brought you success or has eased you through any difficult stages in life? 

SJ: You have to be focused in life, you have to have an aim and then work towards it. For that you really have to balance everything- your home and career. At the same time you have to be very adjusting with different people.

Like in my case, my profession is such that I have to be adjusting to the different natures of people. The psychological aspect as well as the physical nature and needs.

OW: Ok! So you would say that everything is achievable but you have to stay focused and get your priorities right? 

…And work hard?

SJ: Very hard! (smiling) 

OW: Thank you so much Sujata, for this lovely interview! Have a great day!

SJ: Thank you! Same to you.


Interview by

Khizra Gore, O Womania Team


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