Talking to Marissa Goel, Owner Serenas Beauty Salon, Bandra

We at O Womania want to share with you an inspiring candid conversation with a Real Powerful Women who chose to pursue a respectable career in law and then boldly took a 360 turn to manage and expand upon her own mother’s ladies salon.

So if you’re afraid to change any decision in your life, because of what anyone else might say, then keep reading and be inspired to boldly move forward!

O Womania will be addressed as ‘OW’ and Marissa Goel ma’am as ‘MG’.

OW: Team O Womania talking to powerful real women.

We’re here with Marissa the owner of the very popular salon in bandra, Serenas. So could you please briefly introduce yourself?

MG: Well my name is Marissa Goel and yes I have been running Serenas Beauty Salon for 35 years. Its my baby! My third baby.

OW: Oh wow your third baby?

MG: Yes I have 2 real babies and one this baby.

OW: So could you describe your current position in life right now, in terms of your career and where you want to be?

MG: Well just as recent as half a year ago I started yet another salon, but its not quite a salon, its a clinic- its an upgrade on a salon and we work with a team of dermatologists and cosmetologists. So actually when I should be sort of taking a backstep and chilling a bit I’m starting new things all the time. I guess that’s me.

OW: That’s great! That’s just fantastic. Can you tell me your journey to the place where you are now? 

MG: Well its been a sort of strange journey, by profession I’m a lawyer!

OW: Oh wow! A lawyer!?

MG: (laughs) Yeah! And I was working for a MNC and I was in the legal department..and I felt maybe its not quite right for me. Just then Serenas in Bandra was opening and I got this opening. Ofcourse its a family business and I stepped in and there’s been no looking back.

OW : Thats absolutely fantastic! So let me tell you a little bit about O Womania now! We at O Womania wear our beliefs to support gender equality. We want to reinforce the forgotten reality that men and women are equal in all respects!

MG: Absolutely, women are MORE equal! Because women can do multitasking which no man can do!

OW: Thats so true and you are such a good example of that!

MG: Absolutely. With all the pressures of work and everything I still have to decide, ‘whats for dinner tonight?’ and uhh. I keep telling that to my daughter too, sometimes no matter what we are, what we do, we need to know a little bit of cooking, a little bit of…

OW: That’s an interesting point.

MG: A way to a mans heart, things like that!

OW: (laughs) I see. So we at O Womania are here to propagate equal rights and opportunities for everyone. We strongly believe in the empowerment of women, because even the strongest women need the right opportunities to be able to utilize their strength. 

So now coming to the next question. When you were planning or preparing to follow your career or follow your dreams, what are some of the biggest challenges you faced?

MG: Well, um I didn’t really face any challenges so to speak, but things were much better when I was growing up than for example when my mom was growing up. She had much more challenges because it was much more difficult, but she ingrained it in us that no matter what happened, a woman had to be independent. You have to be able to stand on your own feet and never, never ask anybody.

OW: -For anything! 

MG: For anything.

OW: Do you think that is what has helped you smoothly make any changes in your life that you needed to?

MG: Absolutely. I just knew that there was no way that I- and I’m not the kind of person to sit at home and sort of..

OW: While away your time and your talents!

MG: Exactly!

OW: So can you tell me more about your mother and her clearly very empowering attitude towards working and women?

MG: Well my mother never had the opportunity to have the education that I had so she was quite clear that I needed to have lots and lots and lots of education! And I promoted that with my daughter and my son and so on and so forth. Education is the key to everything. To open up your mind, your heart and everything. Everything falls into place with education.

OW: We absolutely agree with that. One last question is, what is the one quality of yours that you feel definitely made your life easier through any obstacles or any challenges you might have faced?

MG: Well I think I’ve always been an honest person. Honest with my relationships, honest with my work, honest with my people whom I liaise with all the time and that sort of made me- I think people trust me so they value my opinion, they ask me things and that’s the thing.

OW: That’s fantastic. So do you have any advice for all the women and the men who will be watching this and who will be looking for inspiration ?

MG: Study, study and study! Because the harder you work in your twenties, the less you work in your fifties!

OW: That sounds like good advice! Thank you so much Marissa!

Interview by

Team O Womania

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