Talking to Neha Chugh, a dreamer, high on hopes, a complete rebel and a thorough feminist.

Neha Chugh - a dreamer, high on hopes, a rebel and a staunch feminist

Neha Chugh

She’s a dreamer, one who has high hopes in life, a complete rebel and a thorough feminist. Neha is a Masters in Business Grad from Welingar and leads the Key Account Management team in a Creative Ad Agency.

Neha the first girl child in the family chose to build a life of her own away from the family. She hails from a Tier 2 city of Bhopal and has found her heart settle in the fast paced Mumbai. When she decided that she wants to move out of home, it was her dad who came out as a super supportive and her mom while she was emotional did stand by her decision as well. When she was making this shift, the society wasn’t very supportive; but now she says things are different.

She says,” It’s very important for us to invest in our parents education, just as they did when we were growing up. Because parents need to know that the world is big, it’s growing & it’s changing. For them to feel safe about having a kid stay away from them.”

She’s been a source of true inspiration for her circle of friends, family and the society back in the town of Bhopal too where all the nay-sayers are now quiet and are even inspired to follow her lead.

She shouts out to all the young girls and women out there to ‘Do what they want to’ and not to succumb to the rules and stereotypes of the so-call society. As a strategist, she has one ready- “everything is strategy”. Whether it’s extending the home curfew of 7pm to 10pm or breaking any other unnecessary restriction. She says baby steps is the key. The idea is to be consistent, to make a bigger change and impact. It’s true for the society too she adds. Small steps take you a long way.

She opened her heart to us when she shared that one of the biggest challenges for anyone from Tier 2 city is that they lack confidence inside. She has been able to triumph this personal devil by always being hopeful and persistent in what she does about who she is. Hope, she says- rules.

She feels that the most empowering facet in a woman is being financially independent and she believes that the yester year women have fought way too hard to help us be where we are now. This much we owe them. We can fight the good fight only when we are empowered – money being the most empowering. Whether it’s living a single life, fighting domestic violence, moving out of marriage or being a single mother; fighting the good fight is important and money is a deciding factor.

She appeals to girls out there to know more, to do more, to be invested in self and to have the power of many.

And she too feels that more and more brands need to be inclusive of all – whether LGBTQIA or all-size fashion or gender equal fashion. In the image she is seen flaunting the Girl Boss Mug of O Womania, a feminist accessory because, well we should all flaunt our beliefs.



2 thoughts on “Talking to Neha Chugh, a dreamer, high on hopes, a complete rebel and a thorough feminist.

  1. Parul Shah says:

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring journey, Neha. Kudos to you.
    We need to hear more of these. There are so many girls and women out there who will get the courage to take that first step they know they want to take , they also know they can take, but just need a small push of assurance that stories like Neha’s can provide.

  2. O Womania says:

    Thank you so much Parul, we absolutely agree to what you have said. Our intention to get more and more empowering true stories out in the open because we as women do a lot but fail to market ourselves. In the bargain we miss out on inspirational stories to be spread to the ones who are seeking it. A small push is all we need to start and more such stories will keep us moving forward. We are working towards building a tribe to empower us all women.

    O Womania
    A Women Empowerment Platform & the first feminist fashion brand in India.

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