Shyni Rajkumar, the Bullet Womania

The ‘Bullet Woman’, Shyni Rajkumar is the first woman rider in Kerela to ride the Himalayan edition of bullet from Royal Enfield. Shyni formed her group of woman riders called “Dauntless Royal Explorers“.

She fell in love with riding when she saw her policeman uncle ride his bullet. She realized her dreams of riding the mean machine when she was in her teens. She began her stint with bikes when she was in Gorakhpur working as a physical education trainer.

Later on Shyni resigned from her job and has dedicated her time to the club and her passion for riding. Shyni, who has gone biking all over Kerala, Bihar, Nepal, Haryana, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, is all set to go off to another ride.

Shyni’s upcoming trip traverses the length of the Indian territory from Kanyakumari to Ladakh. She called it ‘Azaadi’, a 50 day ride it shall be covering more than 4000km on road. It’s the very first attempt being made by a woman to go on a 2-sided road Kanyakumari to Ladakh.

About the trip Shyni said, “I will be assisted by two of my friends from Kannur and Calicut. We are planning to halt at certain places inorder to raise awareness on women empowerment. This is also an attempt to portray Hindu-Christian-Muslim solidarity.”

“The trip aims at motivating women all over India to come out of their shells,” she said.

O Womania appeals to all women
“Move out of your shells,
Embrace the freedom you were born with
Taste the virginity of novel experiences
Experiment with life and your soul
Riding a bike was never a man’s thing

Until Women were told

Be yourself! Fearlessly!


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