Nirjarra C Dosshi, a spiritual healer, a fierce woman, a gender equal parent, an entrepreneur and a rebel and definitely her own best friend.

Nirjarra C Dosshi, a spiritual healer, a fierce woman, a gender equal parent, an entrepreneur and a rebel and definitely her own best friend.

We have known for now more than 5 years, and we recently connected to know her life story. Born to a family that truly believed in the power of education and merit; she was blessed with prime education. She always recognised that she was unconventional and she carved herself into a leader since childhood. One of her role models in life has been her grand-father who taught her to always speak the truth, have courage in her heart and accept herself for who she was.

She calls out her marital phase of life as a turning point, where she identified her immense strength, solid belief system and her need to define her life her way. From a highly educated background and always being a woman who was self-dependant financially, the new family introduced her to cultural shifts which demanded new levels of her personality.

She surpassed all the cultural dilemmas, challenges of space, differences in mind-sets and she created her own niche. She build her new home, she designed her own rules; and she brought up her child with her life partner her way. She proudly flaunts the gender equal parenting that she raised her only son with. Her son today is studying abroad and has been taught to cook his own food, clean his own vessels and to help his parents do the home cleaning. He is in gratitude for these learnings which have made his life abroad easier.

Nirjarra in her career moved from her dad’s business to being at home to starting her own venture of being a spiritual healer through her practices, sessions and workshops. She has been gifted with immense intuitive power and has created a very powerful network of clientele from celebrities, to models, to being on TV shows and big world class events. She is the founder of Aura Concepts a healing platform –

After facing life’s challenges and winning them, she says ‘let’s face them with grace because the problems are ours too’. She truly believes that while most challenges posed by women are due to their new found families, but changing them is a waste of an effort; rather she suggests that women accept the situations and face the challenges with immense poise and strength and invest all their energies in bringing up the new age generation with broader and gender-equal mindsets.

Inviting you all to catch us live in conversation with Nirjarra on 18th July, at 7pm; where we talk more about ‘how do we bring up our kids through better parenting’ & ‘how do we stand up against the odds in our relationships’.

Catch us live in conversation with Nirjarra on FB Live 18th July at 7pm –


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