Women Who Believed in Themselves : Happy Birthday J K Rowling, Thank you for giving us a wonderful childhood!

One of the most powerful speeches we have ever heard, J K Rowling talks about –

  1. The Power of Failure – how when she touched her rock bottom as she got divorced, was a single mom and poor all at the same time; she lost all her fear in life. She talks about how when you reach the rock bottom to only way is upwards. Also life cannot be lived without failures, some point you will meet failure.
  2. The Power of Imagination – how we are truly creating the new world, we are the designers of our nations, of our universe, of our government and our policies. She talks about the power of the bed time stories she heard and how imagination build her life back.
  3. The Power of Focusing on Self – she talks about how blaming your parents and the society has a time limit to itself. She says once you are responsible choose to be the designer of your own life.

Above all she talks that life is not a list of ambition and achievements; its not your job or your CVs or your degrees. Its far beyond, its whats happening inside you when life is happening outside you. That’s what life is, its far complicated and difficult than imagined; but if you are alive and have passed your failures so far; then you are prepared to survive life and that’s your true achievement.



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