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Ismat Chughtai, an iconoclast feminist women writer

Ismat Chughtai, a renowed Urdu women writer who’s celebrated for her honest and progressive feminist writings. Exploring the lives of women depicted in the 20th century. Her path-breaking work on homosexuality, femininity, class structures and conflict. Ismat, a fierce feminist Muslim women writer; who’s writings were celebrated yet censored, thanks to their honesty. She was one […]


An 8 year old me, clueless and puzzled, I looked at my father and asked him why he brought me to his office. I remember him telling me, “It’s a big part of me I want you to know of!” Every once or twice a year, I got a chance to visit dad’s office to […]

PAD MAN – envisioning a Period Positive world

Periods – You are born from it! If you have / are a woman as a mother, sister, daughter or wife; or you don’t have you ought to know what menstruation is as a biological phenomenon because you are born from it. Whether a man/woman/boy/girl; how many of us understand periods the right way? Are […]

Talking to Sujatha Jha; yoga, exercise trainer & an acupressure therapist

We at O Womania think that there are too many women in the world who believe that their passion and careers need to be sacrificed for family. If you are one of them and if you aren’t one of them, then we encourage you to watch this candid interview with a Real Powerful woman who […]

Talking to Shahla Raza, Community Centre owner in Istanbul

Here is an exclusive interview with humanitarian Shahla Raza, whose story is one of the most inspirational that we have had the privilege to hear. This Real Powerful Woman has worked, starting singlehandedly, to bring education, security and freedom to Syrian refugees, particularly children and women. She has achieved this by educating the refugees about […]

Talking to Marissa Goel, Owner Serenas Beauty Salon, Bandra

We at O Womania want to share with you an inspiring candid conversation with a Real Powerful Women who chose to pursue a respectable career in law and then boldly took a 360 turn to manage and expand upon her own mother’s ladies salon. So if you’re afraid to change any decision in your life, […]